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Why is Megafoods Plant considered as Modern?

The process areas are semi-automated and conveying of pulps, sauces, etc. is done through SS304 piping. The plant has excellent semi-automatic filling lines. The entire plant area is in conformance with the best GMP practices and standards. The company takes great care in the HACCP program implemented by it. The company has set up its systems for effective management of people and materials and is certified under ISO 22000 certification.

What is ULWAT Technology?

Food products spoil mainly from the free water available in them. ULWAT technology delivers products devoid of free water and packing these products in suitable packaging - thereby providing products which cannot be spoilt by the onset of yeast, mold or bacteria.

What is VHPTT Technology? How is this useful for the Ready-to-Eat Products?

The VHPTT technology is a well documented research that provides for the use of various ingredients in the food products, various methods of production of these products and the use of various packaging suited for these products - whereby the packed products are then processed in specially designed VHPTT equipment and processed under monitored conditions to deliver the final safe processed food products.

Are there many such facilities in India?

No – there is probably none other that has such a large range of products & variants on offer under one facility.

Your Soya Bean Sauce is certified free from 3-MCPD and 1,3-DCP. What is significant about this?

Since 1999, the world markets have been progressively banning the entry and usage of Soya Bean Sauce which have the cancerous contaminants 3-MCPD and 1,3-DCP. These are assumed to be occurring from the use of Acid-HVP of Soya used by most manufacturers of Soya sauce.We at Megafoods follow the fermentation process method and take great care in the handling of the process ingredients. We understand that there are very few companies offering this safe product and as such there is great scope for this product in the international markets.

Why do you need to have the Reverse Osmosis Plant and the Effluent Treatment Plant?

The company is committed to using the best and the purest form of inputs in its products. The one input into any food factory of prime importance is water. The company has set up an RO plant to deliver good clean and bacteria free water for use everywhere in the plant. The Company also believes that it has a social objective in ensuring that the waste water from its plant should be clean and useable - and thus to this effect they have invested in a modern Effluent Treatment plant which treats the waste water totally and this output can be safely used for gardening, toilets and/or discharged into the sewerage system.

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  • Contact Person: Mr. Amit C. Vaishnav - Managing Director
  • Email:,
  • Address: 3-C Bijayati Towers, 14/15 Halls Road, Kilpauk, Chennai 600010 India
  • Mobile: +91 98844 55605

Administrative Address

  • Address: 3-C Bijayati Towers, 14/15 Halls Road, Kilpauk, Chennai 600010 India
  • Phone: +91-98410 45605

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  • Address: D-3, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai 600058 Tamilnadu

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