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R & D

Manpower Employed

The Company set up its R&D laboratory in 1995 with the guidance of CFTRI, Mysore - with whose active collaboration the company has researched on several products, their processes and the suitable methods of optimisation of these to suit the customers requirements of products. The company continues to innovate new products and processes to suit their customers requirements. In processed foods the company has been able to conduct extensive study towards extension of shelf life of its products by suitable alteration effected on the recipe, products and the processes.

The Company has innovated and invented two new processes in food processing:

  • ULWAT - Ultra Low Water Activity Technology, and
  • VHPTT - Very High Pressure, Temperature and Time Technology.

(International patents are being filed for the processes developed by the Company).

In 1995-96, the Company commenced research on packaged food with long shelf life with the able guidance of the CFTRI, Mysore. The pilot plant established in 1998, in Chennai, turned out to be an excellent R&D unit. Over the years, more than Rs.30 millions have been spent on Research and Development alone.


The Companies extensive research base in processed foods gives it the ability to tune the products and processes desired to deliver quality products by using the optimal means. The plant is capable of handling a variety of processes and thereby the company is capable of leveraging this to.

Contact Us

Regd. Office & Factory Address


  • Contact Person: Mr. Amit C. Vaishnav - Managing Director
  • Email:,
  • Address: 3-C Bijayati Towers, 14/15 Halls Road, Kilpauk, Chennai 600010 India
  • Mobile: +91 98844 55605

Administrative Address

  • Address: 3-C Bijayati Towers, 14/15 Halls Road, Kilpauk, Chennai 600010 India
  • Phone: +91-98410 45605

Industry Address

  • Address: D-3, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai 600058 Tamilnadu

To get in touch with our various departments you could contact us at the respective email addresses given below:-


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